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Smart Security Group (SSG) provides compliance solutions for maritime, intermodal transportation, energy and chemical production industries. As prior U.S. Coast Guard regulators, vessel operators, federal law enforcement officers and systems development experts, we understand the security and compliance requirements of our partners and our products and services are designed to make compliance easy.

  • Complete ISPS compliance for vessels and facilities through the use of our proprietary web-based delivery system.
  • Save valuable time and money with ready-made compliance products and web-based consulting support.
  • Web-Based delivery, boarding, special event and facility access management solutions for governments and facility and vessel operators .
  • Enhances operational efficiency and eliminates the possibility of a fine or compliance action.


  • Worldwide class-room, web-based and computer based training services that comply with ISPS and MTSA requirements.
  • The latest training backed by our proprietary reporting and certification system
  • Maritime Screener Course (MSC) provides the only maritime screener training program delivered through computer-based training.


  • Develop and implement a solution that integrates into your existing business and makes you more efficient.

Smart Security Group Training Center
Do you work, deliver or conduct business at port facilities or terminals?
Smart Security Group (SSG) announces the release of our new U.S. Coast Guard approved training courses for port and vessel security awareness.

If you work at a port facility or terminal or board or deliver to vessels at any U.S. or other port, you are required to be trained and certified in security awareness in accordance with the ISPS Code and the U.S. Maritime Transportation Security Act.

SSG offers Coast Guard and ISPS Code approved awareness courses online: Maritime Security Awareness for Facilities
Maritime Security Awareness for Passenger Vessels
Click on a link for more information (US) 800.921.3665